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“At Juchheim, we design and build a semiflow pilot-unit for dissolution and subsequent separation of undissolved residues”

by Plast2BeCleaned

Interview with Christoph Zang, Managing Partner at Juchheim

How is Juchheim going to contribute to PLAST2bCLEANED success?

Juchheim designs and builds a semiflow pilot-unit for dissolution and subsequent separation of undissolved residues. This is made possible by transferring the results from the lab-experiments of our research partners to pilot-scale equipment.

What are the main challenges ahead?

At Jucheim we face mainly two big challenges. On the one hand, processing superheated solvents at elevated pressures demands a thorough selection of concepts and equipment and, on the other, apparatus design for a mechanical solid-liquid separation with a wide size and shape spectrum. All this is clearly challenging , but we are excited about that!


PLAST2bCLEANED attends AMI Fire Resistance in plastics

by Plast2BeCleaned

On February 23 to 25, Lein Tange, Sustainability Director at ICL Group and the partner responsible for bromine recovery within PLAST2bCLEANED, attended AMI Fire Resistance in plastics online conference.

Lein presented PLAST2bCLEANED, together with Mark Leifer, as part of the paper entitled ‘Who is afraid of brominated flame retardants’.

PLAST2bCLEANED will close three loops using dissolution under superheated conditions by separation of polymer, bromine and antimony trioxide.

Due to the cooperation with the PolyStyreneLoop demoplant, the styrenics value chain is already mapped and will be linked to the PLAST2bCLEANED project.

PolyStyreneLoop demoplant is set up to demonstrate the feasibility of a large-scale demo plant as a closed-loop solution for the recycling of polystyrene insulation foam waste and the recovery of bromine.


Successful first intermediate report for PLAST2bCLEANED

by Plast2bCleaned

The project is on the right track! Regarding the pre-sorting process: our RAMAN spectroscopy equipment is set-up and calibrated and a spectral library is in place.

Over 18 months, the consortium members TNO and Fraunhofer ICT performed over 300 experiments on the different steps of the process.

Model and reference Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment materials supplied by the project partners were used to test the efficiency of antimony trioxide and brominated flame retardants removal from the polymer as well as recovery of these two additives.

The analysis showed that the removal of additives is well underway to reach specifications. A Process Flow Diagram (PFD) was drawn based on the best results of the individual steps. This PFD will be the basis of the design of the technology readiness level (TRL) 5 set-up at Fraunhofer ICT.

Likewise, an impact assessment showed a better environmental performance and reduced costs can be achieved by using a blend with at least 50% of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) compared to using 100% virgin material.



by Plast2bCleaned

EMPACK, the largest trade fair in the Benelux in the field of packaging technology, hosted in September 17 a presentation where the PLAST2bCLEANED technology was explained.

Mark Roelands, Senior Scientist for Process technology at TNO, showcased the Circular Challenges of Plastics Packaging, where he described sorting and mechanical recycling of plastic waste streams, chemical depolymerization, thermal-chemical processes such as pyrolysis and gasification or physical recycling, among others.

You can check his presentation here.


PLAST2bCLEANED webinar: quick assessment of SoC

by Plast2bCleaned

Last October 9, PLAST2bCLEANED held an internal webinar as part of work package 4 Performance testing of process and products, led by Coolrec.

During the session, the PRE-1000-1 method was presented by Patrick de Kort, Regulatory Affairs Manager for Plastics Recyclers Europe and author of the method and was later discussed among partners.

This method represents a quick scan to assess and quantify the presence of substances of concern (SoC) in a recycled plastic. It is a considerable step forward to close the regulatory gaps mentioned in the project literature about limitations, barriers, and standards for using recycled polymers.


TNO presents PLAST2bCLEANED at Plastics Congress S3

by Plast2bCleaned

Last October 8, Esther Zondervan-van den Beuken, Program Manager Circular Plastics at TNO presented the PLAST2bCLEANED project as part of the Plastics Congress S3.

During the presentation, Esther showcased the project scope, impacts, consortium, and progress to date.

2020 edition of the Plastics Congress S3 was hold online devoted to the field of the eco-plasturgy and aiming at showcasing the technology and business opportunities developed globally in terms of eco-design, biopolymers and recycling.